NSSA organized a technical workshop for teaching staff at the Nasser Vocational Training Center. It is a part of its efforts to achieve one of its strategic goals by spreading awareness of the importance of space science and its applications among all segments and institutions of society.

This specialized workshop, which was organized as a result of agreement between the two parties to introduce space science to the staff responsible for preparing educational and training curricula for the center’s attendants, provided a general introduction to NSSA’s role, objectives and strategic initiatives. It also included a detailed explanation of the importance of nanosatellites and their design methods, in addition to an explanation of the basics of remote sensing technology and the importance of its applications in raising and improving the quality of human life.

The course was presented by space engineers Ali Al-Qaraan, Aysha Al-Haram and Ashraf Khater and by satellite imagery technical analyst, Aysha Al-Hajeri.

In a statement, Ali Al-Qaraan said, “NSSA is keen to spread awareness of the importance of space science and its applications. The information presented in this workshop is only a small fraction of what we have learned and gained from the knowledge and experiences from the training programs and space missions in which we have participated in the last period. We are looking forward to participating in the center’s upcoming and targeted event directly addressed to students”.

He expressed his thanks to the Nasser Centre for Rehabilitation and Vocational Training for the facilities that it provided for this session. He appreciated the positive interaction of the center’s staff participating in the workshop and their great eagerness to gain more relevant knowledge. Such knowledge has helped the workshop to achieve its desired outcomes, providing the scientific background needed to prepare educational curricula that meet the national requirements related to space science, one of the sciences of the future, through which future generations will be able to create prestigious positions.

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, NSSA has recently implemented a series of competitions, courses and workshops for schools and for the Gifted Students Centre in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and a number of higher educational institutions and in coordination with the Higher Education Council. NSSA is also currently in the process of implementing more courses, activities and lectures for school and university students.