The Commemoration Day falls on December 17 annually and coincides with Bahrain’s national day celebrations and HM the King’s accession to the throne is a great memory for everyone, during which Bahrainis recall the sacrifices and heroics made by Bahrain’s martyrs while defending their home soil and the neighboring nations.

“From this day, we draw lessons, but words alone can’t describe our feelings towards our martyrs. They forged a great narrative by their pure blood”, HH Shaikh Khalid said in a statement on this occasion.

The immortal battles fought by the Kingdom of Bahrain to defend its Arabism and sovereignty are witnesses to these sacrifices. It was the battle of Zubarah in which the martyrs sacrificed their noble lives, it was the epic that was written by the history and engraved with the blood of our martyrs, to write a new title called Modern Bahrain in 1197 AH, 1783 AD.

“Bahrain will never forget our martyrs, they will remain alive inside our hearts. On this day we reciprocate their sacrifices,”, said HH Shaikh Khalid.