The interest of mankind in space has not dissipated since the beginning of creation. Space occupied a great deal of curiosity as recorded by various human civilizations over time, and this curiosity has continued to grow steadily, and with the technical development we are witnessing today, space has become the center of interest and aspiration of nations. This human curiosity will continue indefinitely as space itself.

The accumulated human endeavors to discover space have led us to change our lives on Earth for the better through scientific development in various fields, and more importantly, to change our view of the Earth itself, the blue planet that represents the common homeland of all humankind.

Space science and its applications have provided a wide range of benefits that have led to a significant improvement in daily life, contributing to the support and sustainability of human development by providing information that has helped address a range of environmental, social and economic challenges, including raising security, natural disaster prediction and mitigation.

Space, with its infinite limits, will continue to be the focus of humankind and it will amaze us day by day by with how it could affect our future.