The Importance of Space in Achieving Security and Justice

Security, justice, science, technology, law, and politics are inherently interrelated, as are space activities, where there are often overlapping civilian and military applications and choices made regarding the uses of outer space directly affect international peace and security. The tools countries use to implement the functions of governments and the functioning of society continue to evolve with time, demography, and technological innovations. Peace and security are the first essential steps to ensuring sustainable, healthy, and prosperous societies.
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Space Sciences and Classification of Bahraini Plants by Spectral Fingerprint

It is known that plants are an essential element in the continuation of life on earth, as they represent the main source of food not only for humans, but for all creatures directly or indirectly, and contribute to the absorption of carbon dioxide and oxygen production through photosynthesis. Plants also maintain soil moisture by storing water in their roots and stems and contribute significantly to maintaining ecological balance and food security and protecting the planet from the threat of soil encroachment and desertification. Trees and plants of various sizes and types provide huge economic and investment opportunities in several sectors, the most important of which are food and medicines, in addition to selling fruits and crops, there are financial returns for farmers to labor in several areas other than agriculture such as logistics, storage, wholesale and retail sales, environmental waste management, and many other areas that support the idea of consuming environmentally friendly products.
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Space Sector, Innovation and Creativity

The space sector is one of the sectors that stimulate innovation, as this sector was built on innovation and technological development to obtain innovative solutions that enable humans to access space and allow their equipment to work efficiently in the space climate known for extreme cruelty. Lenses and cameras, prosthetics, rationing of energy sources, expansion of renewable energy-related industries, and much more.
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Space Applications and Education

Satellite communication has opened new doors for the widespread dissemination of education. Space technologies have created a distance learning system that has enhanced learning opportunities for people in remote areas, provided learning resources to learners in developing countries, and provided …
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Space Applications and Geology

High-resolution cameras installed in satellites as well as GPS satellites have enabled scientists to monitor geological changes and study their effects...
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