NSSA organizes virtual lecture on KiboCUBE

The National Space Science Agency (NSSA) will hold a virtual introductory lecture on KiboCUBE, one of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs' (UNOOSA) most visible efforts, in collaboration with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, for higher education institutions in Bahrain (JAXA).
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Workshop at the Nasser Vocational Training Center

NSSA organized a technical workshop for teaching staff at the Nasser Centre for Vocational Rehabilitation and Training. It is a part of its efforts to achieve one of its strategic goals by spreading awareness of the importance of space science and its applications among all segments and institutions of society.
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‘Ground Station Components’ Workshop for government bodies

A 1-day workshop was organized for government bodies which was conducted by experienced staff from Airbus Defense and Space, for an overview of ground station models, components, infrastructure requirements, major divisions, human resource requirements, operations and examples of earth observation ground stations in the region.
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Specialized Artificial Intelligence Workshop for NSSA Employees

In an attempt to keep pace with the fourth industrial revolution of the Kingdom, and in light of the government's approach to the necessity of employing artificial intelligence techniques and making optimal use of AI to develop business, the National Space Science Agency organize a 2-day workshop for its employees led by Engineer Mohamed Boualay titled “Artificial Intelligence Techniques and Python Software” in an attempt to potentially link artificial intelligence to their work and to apply it in the areas of space science and applications.
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Occupational risks and its evaluation mechanism workshop

The National Space Science Agency participated in a specialized workshop organized by the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications title “Occupational Risks and its evaluation mechanism”, on Thursday, August 8, 2019, with the participation of more than 16 specialists. The workshop …
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‘Space Law and Governance’ Workshop

The NSSA, in cooperation with the relevant authorities, will work in the coming years on drafting the National Space Law for the Kingdom of Bahrain space sector in line with the Kingdoms laws and policies and international treaties and space …
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‘CubeSats, Remote Sensing and Data processing’ Workshop

The National Space Science Agency organized a workshop for government bodies which was conducted by experienced staff from German Orbital Systems, a provider of a wide range of space related products and services, based in Berlin. More details can be …
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