In its continuing efforts to promote space science and celebrate Arab achievements in space exploration, the National Space Science Agency (NSSA) is hosting the much anticipated fourth installment of its SpaceTalk initiative.

The guest for the fourth session is Astronaut and Hero of the Russian Federation Mr. Ryazanskiy Sergey in a special motivational talk entitled “Believe in Yourself”.

Astronaut Sergey served as a commander of a space craft and served for 306 days in space. He is also a committed motivational speaker who dedicates his time encouraging people to look up and reach for their own dreams and expand their vision of what is possible.

Inspired by the journey he took to prepare for his 2 space missions, he will share down-to-earth tips on overcoming challenges and dealing with personal and professional struggles.

The virtual session will take place via Zoom on Tuesday, September 8, 2020 at 7:00 pm. The invitation is open to the public. Those wishing to participate can register for the webinar here.