The NSSA, in cooperation with the relevant authorities, will work in the coming years on drafting the National Space Law for the Kingdom of Bahrain space sector in line with the Kingdoms laws and policies and international treaties and space law governing outer space which have been developed under the auspices of the United Nations.

The National Space Law will cover rules and regulations, principles and standards governing space initiatives undertaken by the Kingdom, including the safe use of space technologies and applications and peaceful space exploration.  Furthermore, it will also organize the right to own resources found in space and space related commercial activities.

The National Space Law will include regulations related to registration of space objects, incident and risk management, space activity authorization, manned spaceflight activities, and auditing framework.

For that purpose, the National Space Science Agency organized a workshop for government bodies which was conducted by experienced staff from the UAE Space Agency over 2 days (May 21st-22nd) and helped attendees to:

  • Understand the importance of drafting national space law and the existence of international space law, and how they affect outer space,
  • Explore who is responsible for incidents that happen in space, sustainability of space objects, environmental protection, accident investigations,
  • Explore satellite communication relevant laws and regulations,
  • Help strengthen the outer space regime and the global space governance, as it can form a pillar to guide all space actors in the Kingdom (public and private),
  • Understand that commercial development of space would be facilitated by clarity, stability and predictability of law. And that uniformity of law will improve the market’s interest in investment in space, and the insurance industry’s ability to assess and price risk.

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