The National Space Science Agency, represented by Eng. Ebrahim Al Burshaid attended a course titled “Remote Sensing and Digital Image Processing” at Twente University – Netherlands, for 12 weeks, from 15th April to 5th July 2019.

The course aims to train staff in rapidly changing map and geo-information production environments. It focuses on state-of-the-art technology in the field of remote sensing and digital image processing for information extraction, as well as on its consequences for applications by GIS specialists.

Dr Mohamed Al Othman commented, “Managing land use and Earth’s resources is becoming very important owing to the rising world population and economic growth. To keep pace with demand, planners, resources managers and application scientists now make considerable use of frequently acquired high-resolution and/or multi-spectral images. We do hope the NSSA be the source of reliable and well-structured information for the Kingdom of Bahrain”.

Eng. Al Burshaid commented “Sound application depends on the availability of up-to-date, reliable and well-structured information. Satellite images from various sources are used as data sources, along with modern techniques such as laser altimetry. Technical means to reference and extract topographic and thematic information from these sources in semi-automated processing environments are continuously under development.”

Two modules were completed by Eng. Al Burshaid during the course: EO sensors and digital image processing and Advanced image classification and change detection.
Eng. Ebrahim Al Burshaid commented “It was a privilege for me to represent my country and attend such an interesting and important course alongside other international participants sharing their vast experience in image processing and analysis techniques”.

Participants of the program gained a set of competencies and skills and practical knowledge of acquiring and producing geospatial information by using digital and analogue remote sensing and digital image processing, and the positional and thematic accuracy of this information and its relevancy in GIS applications.

Dr Al Aseeri, NSSA CEO commented “I believe this promising program to be very useful for the participants, allowing the NSSA to fulfill its goals, specifically the initiative related to establishment of a lab for processing and analyzing space images and data to fulfill national needs of earth observation and earth monitoring information, and do wish more participants join soon next January 2020.”

At the end of the course, on 6th July 2019, Eng. Al Burshaid gained honorable results and ranked first during the various levels of the program among the participants from several countries, including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, China, South Korea, Pakistan, Ghana and Nigeria.

On this occasion, Dr Al Aseeri commented “I am very proud of Eng. Ebrahim Al Burshaid representing the Kingdom of Bahrain and the NSSA. He has shown great passion for acquiring knowledge in modern science, and mastery and excellence of all such knowledge in a record period. I am sure he is an asset for NSSA for future projects to come.”

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