Building and Launching Remote Sensing Satellites

  1. launch LEO Micro/Nano satellites.
  2. Respond to national needs of space information and earth observation data.
  3. Establish a well-qualified team who can help NSSA achieve its current and future objectives.
  4. Learn necessary skills for manufacturing, launching and operating satellites for future more complex missions.
  5. Learn necessary skills for operating, managing and tracking the Satellite.
  6. Develop national skills in a new sector in the industry regionally and internationally.
  7. Establish the foundation of a new space sector in the Kingdom.
  1. Establishing relationships of cooperation with regional and international space agencies and centers for knowledge transfer, providing expertise, training opportunities and sharing resources.
  2. Recruiting national cadres and building capacity to establish a well-qualified team.
  3. Benefiting from shared national resources available.
  4. Establishing relevant laws, regulations and policies.
  5. Acquiring turn key solution to provide the required hardware and software to develop, build, test and launch the satellite with a focus on technical capacity building.
  6. Securing the launch of the satellite.
  7. Preparing resources for operating and monitoring owned satellites
  1. Building national capabilities to create a prominent and excellent national space science foundation.
  2. Establishing relationships of cooperation with regional and international space agencies and with technical, industrial and research organizations actively engaged in space science.
  3. Responding to national requirements through providing space information and earth observation data that serve the comprehensive development process and contribute to advancing space science and the sustainable development of the Kingdom.
  4. Encouraging the Kingdom to become a party in international conventions and agreements of space science and associated technological concepts, and approving the principals regulating the Kingdom’s activities in leading outer space activities and utilizing the space for peaceful purposes.


Project Start: 2020
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