On the 6th March 2022, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the National Space Science Agency and the Nasser Vocational Training Centre (NVTC) to enhance the areas of cooperation and partnership between them.

During the meeting held between the two entities, officials discussed cooperation and exchange of information and experiences in the field of space science, as well as enhancing joint efforts to provide the opportunity to train and qualify Bahraini youth through the establishment of workshops and training courses in the disciplines of space science, and the support needed by this vital and promising specialization, especially in the fields of applied training, in addition to exchanging experiences through mutual field visits, while stressing the creation of a joint mechanism to prepare solid scientific research in the field of space science.

On this occasion, the CEO of the NSSA, Dr. Mohamed Al-Aseeri, said that the Agency spares no effort in expanding the scope of its services and seeking to raise awareness of the importance of space science for all segments of society, and the visit comes to frame the cooperation that has already existed with the Center for more than two years, where the Agency has implemented a number of workshops and training programs, and special workshops were organized for those concerned with the preparation of curricula of the professional programs of the Center, expressing his confidence in the capabilities of the Center and the keenness of those in charge of it to achieve its mission.

For his part, Dr. Abdullah Al-Nuaimi, Executive Director of NVTC, stressed the role of the NSSA and all its employees, and their clear efforts to put Bahrain’s name on the map of developed countries in the field of space science, adding that it is our national duty to provide all our expertise and innovations to enhance the requirements of the space science sector, and to contribute effectively to research efforts and capabilities, to reach the goal of raising the level of Bahraini youth in various fields, as well as unifying expertise and knowledge to continue upgrading the capabilities of the space science system. in the area.

It is worth mentioning that NVTC aims to provide all sectors of the country with research and innovations in all fields in one central location, and to provide guidance from experts and pioneers in multiple professional fields to improve the workflow and make the most of effort and time, while the NSSA will participate in research and development processes by supporting the center’s efforts as one of the pivotal sites for research and innovations in the Kingdom.