With a discussion paper, NSSA, represented by engineers Muneera Jasim Almalki and Ebrahim Alburshaid will participate in the International Geographic Information Conference, which will be held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on March 29–31, 2021. The event is organized by the Saudi Geographical Society in cooperation with the Vision Intelligence Company.

This discussion paper will raise the possibility of estimating the electrical energy produced from solar energy cells installed on rooftops in the Kingdom of Bahrain by using tools, geographic information systems and remote sensing.

NSSA said that its participation in the conference stems of its intent to confirm the quality of its studies and to highlight its role in scientific research, positioning the Kingdom of Bahrain among the countries that enrich global research content in space and geo-informatics science applications.

As a global scientific partnership, the conference will be held in cooperation with the National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space science in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The conference, which is held as a part of the activities of the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS), based in Germany, aims to review the most important modern trends in geoinformatics and to provide spatial and technical solutions to support decision-makers in order to foster the exchange of experiences and knowledge communication among international experts. Participants in the conference include an elite group of specialized researchers and professors from various universities, research centers and institutions around the world concerned with the fields of the conference.

Dr. Mohamed E. Al-Aseeri, CEO of NSSA, said that NSSA’s participation in research events and conferences is intended to raise the level of skills and knowledge acquired by its staff members and to ensure that they keep abreast of the latest scientific developments in their fields of specialization and work, in addition to increasing awareness of the importance of space science applications in public life and linking that to national development and support for the national economy.

He explained that scientific research is a fundamental pillar in the work of space research institutions, bodies and centers worldwide. Such research raises the quality of studies and services, which reflects positively on the fulfilment of the national needs of the relevant authorities in the fullest and professional way. In addition, NSSA’s paper submitted at the International Conference on Information Geography is part of a package of discussion papers published by NSSA in the field of space science and applications since 2019.

Dr. Al-Aseeri expressed his thanks to engineers Alburshaid and Almalki for their efforts and dedication in preparing various studies and implementing scientific research, which has affected the work of NSSA. He wished them success in representing the Kingdom of Bahrain in this important conference, stressing the support of the Board of Directors of NSSA and its readiness to provide all research requirements, tools and encouragement to raise the scientific level of its members and to hold prominent scientific positions.