The National Space Science Agency, representing the Kingdom of Bahrain as a member of the International Astronautical Federation, participates in the 73rd International Astronautical Conference, which is being held in Paris, from the 18th to the 22nd of September 2022, where it is the largest international conference specialized in the space sector in which all space agencies and companies specialized in the space sector, its sciences and applications participate.

NSSA’s participation this year is in competing for one of the organization’s prestigious awards related to the application of best practices in the fields of gender equality, youth empowerment, and geographical excellence. Between all competing parties. NSSA also competes for a number of awards related to space applications and scientific research, where the Agency participates in a total of five scientific papers that include the most prominent research and innovations implemented by members of the Bahrain Space Team in various fields, all of which are specialized in the space sector.

This year’s International Astronautical Congress will witness a wide participation of more than 8,000 participants from different countries of the world, in addition to the wide participation of space agencies and companies in the exhibition accompanying the conference, in which the participating parties will review their latest projects, products, innovations and the latest developments in space technologies. The conference is divided into a number of specialized scientific sessions that are held in parallel and in which researchers and experts participate in their ideas, the product of their work and their studies. The conference also holds sessions of the General Conference of the International Organization. Astronautics, during which the efforts of Member States are reviewed and a number of decisions of importance in shaping the future of the international space sector are discussed, as this organization includes the most prominent international entities concerned with the space sector, including the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs.

It is worth mentioning that the NSSA officially joined the Organization at the end of 2021, but within a short period it proved its presence as an active member through the numerous participations and diverse contributions made by its members, including the selection of two of the Agency’s engineers in the membership of the Advisory Council for Space Generations, and the chairmanship of one of the Agency’s engineers for one of the global project management teams, and the selection of three of the Agency’s engineers among the selected elite to participate in the 28th and 29th sessions of the joint workshop between the United Nations and the International Federation For astronautics, in addition to membership in working committees and participation in studies, research and proposals.