As a part of NSSA’s determination to strengthen cooperation with all government authorities in order to overcome all technical challenges and obstacles that they face related to the proper utilization of space science; stemming from its responsibility to spread the culture of space and to enhance the utilization of space applications, NSSA held a virtual meeting with the Sustainable Energy Authority. The meeting was attended by a group of specialists from both authorities. NSSA was represented by Dr. Mohamed Jasim Al-Othman and engineers Ebrahim Alburshaid and Muneera Jasim Almalki. The Sustainable Energy Authority was represented by engineers Alexander Al-Samahiji and Abdul-Jabbar Abdul-Karim and Mr. Rami Othman.

Engineer Ebrahim Alburshaid, as a representative of the Space Data Analysis Laboratory, said,

“This meeting comes in implementation of one of the recommendations adopted at the meeting held between the two chief executives of both authorities on 5 April 2021. The CEO of NSSA is keen to open channels of communications and cooperation with all government authorities. He had instructed us to provide all available means of support to improve sustainable energy utilization and development to achieve the best results at the national level to serve sustainable development in the Kingdom of Bahrain. This is in line with the esteemed government’s program and contributes to achieving the objectives of Bahrain Economic Vision 2030”.

As pointed out by engineer Alburshaid, NSSA previously made a detailed presentation on one of the studies carried out by the team of the Satellite Image and Data Analysis Laboratory for officials of the Sustainable Energy Authority. It met with their approval and provided them with details upon their request. Alburshaid emphasized that NSSA is proceeding with the implementation of a package of studies, which will benefit various government sectors. The executive management of the NSSA supports scientific research and innovation, which enhances the capabilities of the specialized team and develops its technical and technical capabilities.

One of the most important outcomes of this meeting was the agreement to establish frameworks for cooperation between the two authorities and to discuss ways to implement joint projects that benefit the Kingdom of Bahrain.