The National Space Science Agency, represented by Engineer Ebrahim Al-Burshaid, visited Zayed University laboratory in the United Arab Emirates.

Zayed University Laboratory’s main initiative is to enable and catalyze interdisciplinary research efforts that advance understanding of hyperspectral processes and spatial relationships emphasizing earth and planetary environmental systems through improved theory, methods, technology, data, and community outreach. The laboratory’s primary focus initially is on hyperspectral analysis.

NSSA lab for processing space data main goal is to respond to national requirements through providing reliable space information and earth observation data that serve the comprehensive development process and contribute to advancing space science and the sustainable development of the Kingdom.

Dr. Mohamed Al Aseeri, NSSA CEO commented “NSSA lab team specializes in the processing, analysis, and production of spatial data. Stakeholders in the oil and gas, agricultural, environment sectors have come to rely on our expertise to analyze and visualize their geographic information. The Lab team have been equipped with relevant skills, qualifications and some are currently undergoing their postgraduate degree in esteemed universities in the field”.

Eng. Al Burshaid added “The NSSA Lab team use advanced image processing methods and specialized software to extract valuable information based on stakeholder’s needs from satellite images. The purpose of our visit to Zayed University is to learn about the latest developments related to the processing and analysis of satellite data and images, and further access relevant research in the area of hyperspectral analysis.”

Read more about the “Lab for Processing space data and images” initiative here, and more about lab projects here and request lab services on the following link.