The National Space Science Agency organized a lecture at Al-Mahd School, presented by Eng. Aysha Al Hajeri, as part of NSSA’s community and outreach program.

The purpose of the held lecture is primarily to inform and inspire curiosity among the children and youth and stoke interest in exploring the universe starting with where they are as learners who appreciate, enjoy and commit to the steppingstone to space.

Eng. Aysha Al Hajeri presented virtually on 13th July, titled “Space Science and Remote Sensing Application”,  where many related concepts were introduced.

The lecture was divided into two main parts, the first introductory of which was devoted to primary school students, in which information was presented about outer space, solar planets and stars, which aroused the interest of the target group of students in a large proportion. The second more advanced included remote sensing definition, remote sensing elements and space applications.

At the end of the lecture, participants were allowed to ask their various questions and inquiries to be answered by Eng. Al Hajeri, which all reflected the interest of the youth, especially with regard to their academic future in space and the trends of space careers.

Dr. Mohamed Al Aseeri, NSSA CEO commented:

NSSA will be completing many community initiatives in the coming years to increase public awareness of the space industry, strengthen public support for space science technology and applications, build NSSA brand identity, and the services it provides, promote innovation and research in space science and applications and finally attract and prepare national citizens to become pioneers in the field of space science.