The technical team of the National Space Science Agency (NSSA) has won third place in the hackathon of a specialized training course in space technology, which was organized by the  St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU) of the Russian Federation, July 6th to August 6th.

The NSSA team comprised Eng. Muneera Al-Malki, technician Shaima Al-Meer and technician Aisha Ali Al-Hajeri. The competition between the participating teams was to design a satellite ‘Nano’ for scientific and research purposes. The NSSA team won third place among the teams participating in the session.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Mohamed E. Al-Aseeri, the NSSA’s Chief Executive Officer, praised this honorable achievement. He emphasized the NSSA’s keen interest in providing support for its participants as well as its ongoing endeavor for the development of their capabilities in order to create a scientific and technological base of Bahraini youth capable of attaining progress for the Kingdom of Bahrain in various aspects of space sciences and its applications.

The female employees expressed their happiness for the victory and their eagerness in promoting the Kingdom of Bahrain in such an international competition. They further emphasized their aims to achieve an even better position in future events.

Participation in the Saint Petersburg University Hackathon was initiated by various specialized groups worldwide and each group member represented their employer.