A spacecraft is a vehicle designed for travel in space or extraterrestrial environments such as the planets or interior of an asteroid. Existing spacecraft are typically used for communication, information technology, research and exploration.

A spacecraft designed to enter the atmosphere of another planet, used for gathering information and conducting scientific investigations

A spacecraft that passes close to alien bodies such as planets or asteroids. They are not designed to land on another planet or to be pulled by its gravity or to rotate its orbit. It either follows the solar orbit or escapes the solar system and while doing so it gathers information about close to it.

A spacecraft capable to reach other planets

A spacecraft capable to reach another solar system (such as Alpha Centauri)

Is a spacecraft that makes a soft landing on the surface of another planet

A spacecraft carrying humans to space, usually the ISS.

Small spacecrafts built at nanoscale to explore vast regions at minimal cost

A spacecraft that orbits around another planet used to explore it.

A spacecraft designed to withstand impact with another celestial body in order to study its interior

Rockets are devices that produce the force to push objects forward. Rockets are used to launch spacecrafts.

Wheeled robots or motorized vehicles that are used to explore the surface of an alien surface upon arrival such as another planet.

A type of unmanned spacecrafts deployed into Earth’s orbit for specific missions such as communications, IT, observational and research capabilities and others.

A spacecraft that orbits a star

A small spacecraft or the part of a larger one that contains the instruments or crew. They have the ability to survive reentry into Earth’s orbit and return a payload to the Earth’s surface from space.

A spacecraft or space laboratory orbiting the Earth in its low earth orbit (LEO) operated by astronauts for an extended period of time for the purpose of research, often constructed in space, without the ability to land.