In June 2019, The National Space Science Agency submitted three proposals to the Bahrain Best Practices Program in an attempt to participate in the upcoming competition in MENAPAR 2019, taking place in Ifran, Morocco, 28-31 October 2019 to showcase best practices in Public Administration Sector.

  • MENAPAR’s mandate is the development and implementation of a regional research agenda that promotes evidence-based policy and decision-making in public administration for human development through developing thinking and a research culture about strategic issues in Arab public administration; building research capacities within Arab public administration, and building networks and harnessing their collective efforts to set the cause of public administration in the region to serve its citizens and residents.

The current year’s theme of the conference, will contribute to knowledge building in “Public Administration Research and South-South Cooperation for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals in the Arab Region.”

Following several meetings with the committee and revisions of the proposals, NSSA finally sent the proposal to the organizer of MENAPAR, and it won acceptance to enter the competition, allowing the NSSA to participate in its presentation during the conference.

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In October 2019, Dr Mohamed Al Othman presented “NSSA best practice while developing its strategic plan” at the MENAPAR 2019 conference and NSSA subsequently ranked 3rd in place among the participants.