Dr. Abdul Hussain bin Ali Mirza, Chairman of the Sustainable Energy Authority, held a remote visual meeting with a high-level delegation headed by Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Aseeri, CEO of NSSA, and with the participation of a number of specialists at NSSA. Dr. Mirza welcomed the participants and praised the efforts and achievements of NSSA since its inception.

Dr. Mirza declared, “Such achievements are a matter of pride for the Kingdom. NSSA was able to compete with counterparts in the region and to participate in performing historical achievements for the Kingdom of Bahrain in particular and for the Arab nation in general”. He added that achievements at national, regional as well as international levels have raised the Kingdom of Bahrain into the ranks of scientifically advanced countries to compete in developing space science and expanding its opportunities to benefit from it in achieving comprehensive and sustainable development.

Dr. Mirza reviewed recent achievements made in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors in the Kingdom of Bahrain and thanked the directives and support of the wise political leadership. He indicated that the recent moves and the demand for energy generation projects from renewable and clean resources reveal the extent of readiness and awareness of Bahrain’s economy to adopt the renewable energy sector as one of the economic pillars to achieve inclusive and sustainable development plans. He also reviewed the important role of renewable energy, technologies and artificial intelligence in developing space science by highlighting the most prominent projects and priority initiatives that NSSA plans to work on in 2021. He also discussed the potential benefits of the exchange of experiences and cooperation with NSSA, especially in the fields of energy technologies and solutions.

The delegation, headed by Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Aseeri, reviewed the strategies and plans of NSSA, the most prominent achievements of NSSA and the expansion plans and strategies, with a focus on artificial intelligence, indicating the high level of interest that the nation’s political leadership has in future sciences, including space science and its applications. Dr. Mirza declared, “We highly appreciate the care given to NSSA and its employees, which paves the way for the creation of a sustainable space sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain”. Engineer Muneera Al-Maliki made a presentation on a research study prepared by NSSA in 2021 on the utilization of artificial intelligence in space science.

At the end of the meeting, Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Aseeri praised the achievements that the Kingdom has made in only a short period of time, which indicate the seriousness and support of all relevant parties for the sustainable energy sector, as well as the pivotal and important role of the Sustainable Energy Authority, headed by Dr. Abdul Hussain bin Ali Mirza, to achieve this. The delegation expressed their sincere thanks and appreciation to Dr. Mirza for this fruitful meeting and a good and warm reception.