Calling all creative students ages 7-12 years! Put on your creative lenses and practice your design-and-build skills to come up with innovative designs for a spacesuit and spacecraft.

Unleash the artist in you! Space awaits your crafty creations!

1 December 2021

Participants Online Registration

22 December 2021

Participants Submit Work

29 December 2021

Shortlisting participants

30 December 2021

NSSA Announce Winners
  • Objectives of the competition are:
    • Promote awareness on the importance of careers in space.
    • Increase awareness about how art, design and space sciences are related.
    • Encourage children to engage in space science in fun ways.
  • Nationality: Bahraini
  • Age: 7-12 years
  1. Register online to participate
  2. Submit your work by December 22, 2021, in English or Arabic
  3. The digital submission should include the following:
    • Video in English or Arabic explaining your design
    • Design for both spacesuit and spacecraft
  4. Receive a confirmation of submission

The Top 3 winners are:

  • First Place: Farah Al Aradi
  • Second Place: Nibras Al Banna
  • Third Place: Ali Al Salam
  1. NSSA announces the launching of the competition: Al Bilad
  2. Announcing winners of competition: Al Watan