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Dr. Fawzi Al Jowder


Dr Fawzi Abdulrahman Al Jowder was a board member of the National Space Science agency (NSSA) of Bahrain (2014-2019), where he brought a distinguished wealth of extensive academic, educational and professional experience to NSSA.

He holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the McGill University, Canada. He also holds a master’s degree in Electrical Power Engineering with distinction from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST) UK, and an equivalent certificate to master’s degree in Academic Practice from Saint York University, UK.

On the Professional level, Dr. Al Jowder is the Undersecretary for Education and Curricula Affairs, Ministry of Education since July 2017. He also worked as a Directorial General for Bahrain Training Institute (BTI), Ministry of Education, an Associate Professor at University of Bahrain, Graduate and Research Assistance at University of Bahrain and Trainee Design Engineer in Bahrain National Oil Company BANOCO. In addition, he is chairing and an active member in several Ministry of Education Committees. Hence, his membership in official decree committees.

Dr. Al Jowder also served as head of several committees at the University of Bahrain and was a fellow member in the Higher Education Academy in UK as well as a Senior Member in the Institute of Electronics Engineering in U.S.A (I.E.E.E).

Dr. Al Jowder has published articles in several scientific journals and participated in numerous regional and international conferences, seminars and specialized workshops at all levels.

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