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Brigadier Waleed Rebeah Hamad Aldoseri


Brigadier Waleed Rebeah Hamad Aldoseri serves as a member of the National Space Science Agency (NSSA). He holds the position of Police Aviation Commander at the Ministry of Interior through which he brings an extensive experience in Aviation to NSSA. Additionally, Brig. Aldoseri has distinctive communication skills that enabled him to direct and execute numerous searches and rescue missions.

On the international level, Brig. Aldoseri represented the ministry in several occasions and was head of many official delegations. Most significantly, Brig. Aldoseri was honored by H.M King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa with Sheikh Isa Medal Second Class and Efficiency Medal Second Class. Furthermore, he received several medals and awards, such as Arabian Gulf Security Exercise Medal, Bravery Medal, Redemption Medal, Excellent Service Medal First Class, Recognition of Service Medal 1st Class, Outstanding Work Medal 1st Class and Long Service Medal 25 Years.

On the academic level, it is noteworthy that, in addition to Aviation Certificate from Trent Air Services (UK), Helicopter Instructor Certificate from Brestow Helicopter (UK), and accomplishing several specialized courses in aviation and management, Brig. Aldoseri holds a Bachelor degree in Education (minor in Psychology) from the United Arab Emirates University (UAE).

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