Recently, the NSSA exchanged a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Russian State Space Corporation (ROSCOSMOS) to enhance cooperation in the field of exploration and use of outer space for peaceful purposes. The MoU came in implementation of the directives of His Highness Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa to consolidate bilateral relations and to benefit from the scientific expertise of the Russian State Space Corporation in building the skills of the national cadres and the advancement of space science and its applications in Bahrain.

Space science not only makes us look outwards from our planet to the stars and beyond but it drives innovation and leads to progress and economic development. It brings many technological and scientific advances that benefit society in areas
including health and medicine, transportation, public safety, consumer goods, energy and environment, information technology, and industrial productivity.

The importance of space science and technology for the attainment of sustainable development and the need to strengthen its framework is within the framework of the National Space Science Agency’s endeavors.

H.E. Minster of Transportation and Telecommunications and NSSA’s Chairman of Board of Directors, Kamal bin Ahmed Mohammed, said “The MoU aims to provide collaborative activities and reviewing areas of common interest for both entities through the implementation of joint projects, developing researches, exchanging information and expertise, training and capacity building, and other collaborative opportunities” H.E. further added “The memo is a great opportunity to fulfil NSSA’s vision and strategic objectives as ROSCOSMOS is one of the leading space organizations.”

“In recent years, relations between Russia and Bahrain made a qualitative leap forward: social, political and cultural ties are strengthening, the trade is growing,” ROSCOSMOS Director-General Dr Dmitry Rogozin said.

The MoU paves the way for building up cooperation in space activities. Sixty years after the historic flight of the first cosmonaut of the planet Yuri Gagarin, space continues to attract public attention, remaining the far frontier of the scientific and technological development of mankind.

On this occasion, NSSA Chief Executive Officer, Dr Mohamed E. Al-Aseeri said, “The agency is actively seeking to build distinguished relations with all space agencies, especially the leading ones in the field such as the Russian State Space Corporation, and we are happy with this memorandum that we count on to raise the level of cooperation between the two friendly countries in the space sector.”

During the past two years, opportunities have been offered to a number of the NSSA’s employees to benefit from what is provided by institutions specialized in space sciences in Russia, and this has contributed to enriching their knowledge and equipping them with many technical skills that helped in the implementation of a set of scientific studies for the benefit of the NSSA, and with the signing of this MoU, opportunities will diversify and increase the rate of scientific and technical production in order to achieve the aspirations of both sides.