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Board of Directors 2022 – 2023

The National Space Science Agency Board of Directors was re-formed by Royal Decree No.47 for the year 2022 under the chairmanship of H.E. Mohammed Thamer Al-Kaabi and 6 members, details below:

Chairman Image

H.E. Mohammed Thamer Al-Kaabi

Sh. Nayef bin Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa

Naji Sabt Salim Sabt

Sh. Salman bin Mohammed Al Khalifa

Brigadier Waleed Rebeah Hamad Aldoseri

Colonel Jamal Jasim Al Thawadi

Dr. Jawaher Shaheen Al Mudhahki

Functions of the Board of Directors

As per Article 6 in the Royal Decree No. 11 for the year 2014, the Board of Directors functions are listed below:

  • Establish rules and issue regulations and resolutions required for the implementation of the provisions of this decree.

  • Draw up the Agency’s general policy, business strategies and annual programs, and submit the same to the Minister for approval.

  • Propose amendment to the organizational structure of the Agency and submit the same to the Minister to promulgate appropriate orders.

  • Approve the Agency’s programs and projects which the Board feels essential to improve and develop the management of the Agency, and follow up business methods and implementation.

  • Approve the Agency’s services.

  • Propose wages for the Agency staff members, including allowances and other benefits, provided that the wages earned by counterparts in the labour market, whether in major companies within the Kingdom or overseas, be taken into account.

  • Manage the funds of the Agency and its branches.

  • Propose charges for services provided by the Agency.

  • Approve the budget of the new year and the audited final account of the fiscal year.

  • Approve all legal disposals, the most important of which are the draft contracts and agreements of which the Agency is a party.

  • Nominate candidates for higher positions to the Minister for taking the actions required for appointment according to the position title.

  • Study the regular reports presented by the Chief Executive Officer on the business progress at the Agency and take the necessary decisions required.

  • Dispatch Board members or Agency staff members to represent the Agency to seminars, meetings and conferences of relevant objectives to the Agency, whether inside the Kingdom or overseas.

  • Form subcommittees from outside the Board as experts to consider one or more subjects referred to the Board and determine their remunerations. Such committees must submit their reports and business results to the Board.

  • Any other business relevant to the objectives and authorities of the Agency provided for in this decree or the implementing regulations and resolutions.

  • The Board shall submit an annual report on its entire business to the Minister for referral to the Council of Ministers.

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