The Importance of Space in Achieving Security and Justice

Security, justice, science, technology, law, and politics are inherently interrelated, as are space activities, where there are often overlapping civilian and military applications and choices made regarding the uses of outer space directly affect international peace and security. The tools countries use to implement the functions of governments and the functioning of society continue to evolve with time, demography, and technological innovations. Peace and security are the first essential steps to ensuring sustainable, healthy, and prosperous societies.
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Internet of Things and Space

What is IoT? How does the space sector, with its sciences and technologies, contribute to IoT services and development?
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Registration is open for ME-SGW

Join ME-SGW to discuss the advancement of the space industry in the region, and to participate in engaging panel discussions, workshops and speeches.
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Creating a Sustainable Environment in Space

Environmental Control and Life Support System (ECLSS) on the International Space Station to create a sustainable environment aboard the station, producing clean and usable air and water.
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Cooperation with BRS-Labs to develop space education

In line with the efforts of the Kingdom of Bahrain to develop education in line with the twenty-first century skills, and to keep pace with the actual needs of the labor market, on the 10th July 2023, The National Space …
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NSSA participates in space experts panel discussion.

The National Space Science Agency (NSSA) participated in a panel discussion under the slogan "Working together to sustain our future: what space has to offer and how we protect it", with the participation of experts from the United Kingdom, the European Union (EU), and the United States.
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NSSA participates in Space for Water Initiative meetings

NSSA is participating in the second stakeholder meeting of the UN Space4Water initiative, which will be held from May 11-12, and aims to leverage space science and technology to improve the management and control of water resources and address the challenges it faces around the world.
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Science Space day UK-Bahrain

The British Embassy, in cooperation with the National Space Science Agency and Clever Play, organized the Science Day event, which aims to attract and educate the future generation from 3 to 14 years old about various future sciences. The Agency's participation in this event comes to achieve its desired objectives in spreading awareness about the importance of space science among young people and youth because of its great importance.
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Bahrain Space Camp 2023

The National Space Science Agency (NSSA) is dedicated to the advancement of space sciences and the education of Bahrain’s youth, hence NSSA’s involvement in the Endeavour Scholarship Program is a sincere attempt to encourage young people to pursue careers as engineers and explorers in the space field.
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